Join us on December 10th for the Solidarity - Struggle - Socialism Conference


Arise is a festival of people powered politics, internationalism and solidarity, discussing left ideas to change society for the better


John McDonnell MP // Sarah Woolley, BFAWU General Secretary // Richard Burgon MP // Mick Whelan, ASLEF General Secretary // Nadia Whittome MP // Zita Holbourne, Black Activists Rising Against Cuts (BARAC) // Lord John Hendy QC // Emma Dent Coad, Former MP & now Group Leader on Kensington & Chelsea Labour Group // Hilary Schan, Momentum // Ben Chacko, Morning Star // Sabby Dhalu, Stand up to Racism //Johnbosco Nwogbo, We Own It // Heidi Chow, Debt Justice // Chantelle Lunt, Black Lives Matter UK & Kill the Bill //Mick Burke, Socialist Economic Bulletin //


Rachel Garnham, CLPD // Ruth Hayes, Labour Women Leading // Eileen Short, Defend Council Housing // Matt Willgress, Labour Outlook // Sakina Sheikh AM // Özlem Onaran, Professor of Economics, University of Greenwich // Steve Howell, author, Game Changer // Holly Turner, NHS Workers Say No // Bell Ribeiro-Addy MP // Nabeela Mowlana, Young Labour Chair // Jon Trickett MP // Laura Smith // Barry Gardiner MP // Dave Ward, CWU GS // Diane Abbott MP & more.




Jeremy Corbyn MP // Shami Chakrabarti // John McDonnell MP // Richard Burgon MP // Grace Blakeley, author, The Corona Crash // Rebecca Long Bailey MP // Simon Fletcher // Jo Grady, UCU // Jess Barnard, Young Labour // Kevin Courtney, NEU // Kate Hudson, CND // Steve Howell, author, Game Changer // Heidi Chow, Director, Debt Justice // Holly Turner, NHS Workers Say No // Ruth Hayes, Labour Women Leading // Gemma Bolton, Labour NEC & CLPD // Lord John Hendy QC // Mercedes Villalba MSP // Adrian Weir, Campaign for Trade Union Freedom // James Schneider, author, Our Bloc: How We Win // Nadia Jama, Labour NEC // Ryvka Barnard, Palestine Solidarity Campaign // Asad Rehman, War on Want // Marian Carty, Goldsmiths UCU // Jack Sargeant, Welsh Senedd // Louise Regan, NEU // Steve Turner, Unite AGS // Rachel Garnham, CLPD // Geoff Bell, author, The Twilight of Unionism



Yasmin Dar, Labour NEC // Dr. Sonia Adesara, Keep Our NHS Public // Mish Rahman, Labour NEC & Momentum NCG // Sabby Dhalu, Stand up to Racism // Joan Twelves, ZeroCovid.UK // Fraser McGuire, candidate on Socialist Future slate in Young Labour // Andrew Murray, author Is Socialism Possible in Britain? Reflections on the Corbyn Years // Katherine Harlow , LGBTQ+ candidate on Young Labour’s Socialist Future slate // Shelly Asquith, Stop the War Coalition // Donna Guthrie, BARAC // Lara McNeill, Labour NEC Youth Rep // Andrew Fisher, former Labour Party Executive Director of Policy // Laura Smith, No Holding Back // Prof. Keith Ewing. Institute for Employment Rights // Kate Osborne MP // Mike Jackson, Lesbians and Gay Men Support the Miners (LGSM) // Kim Johnson MP // Nick Dearden, Global Justice Now // Ian Lavery MP // Özlem Onaran, Professor of Economics, University of Greenwich // Bell Ribeiro-Addy MP // Sarah Woolley, BFAWU // Jon Trickett MP // & more.


Tribune // Peace & Justice Project // Morning Star // Brazil Solidarity Initiative // Momentum // Labour CND // Campaign for Trade Union Freedom // Labour For Irish Unity // Labour Briefing (Co-op) // Liberation // Labour Assembly Against Austerity // Friends of Bolivia // Institute of Employment Rights // Labour Outlook // Labour & Palestine // Labour Friends of Progressive Latin America // Orgreave Truth & Justice Campaign // Socialist Campaign Group of Labour MPs & more.


Arise is an online festival of ideas like no other, featuring a month of dozens of unique sessions and different formats, including “In-conversations withs,” Q&As, book launches, policy seminars, exclusive interviews, interactive workshops, film watchalongs, “Lefty lunchtime” streams, political education forums and more.

We hope Arise Festival will also be back in-person next year, please donate to help to make that happen.

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